Drop in lessons - every Friday

Every friday except holidays 20:00-22:00 Buurtcentrum De Leeuw, entrance at Troelstralaan. Improv lessons for all levels. Experienced and first timers. We play fun games, you learn the principles of improv and you meet a group of fun and open minded people. Afterwards we go to O'Leary's pub. You can come in with the others between 19:50-20:00h. Check at the sign up sheet if there is a lesson. Pay €10, €15, €20 or nothing, depending on your finances.

Applied Improv workshop - Friday 5th of July

Are you interested in trainings with experiential learning? Are you a trainer, L&D professional, HR, manager or coach? Or are you an AIN member (Applied Improv Network)? Let’s get together for this try-out workshop by Burgert Kirsten, followed by network drinks. Program Friday 5th of July 12:30 walk in, coffee 13:00-16:00 workshop 16:00 feedback on workshop 16:30 drinks until 18:00h Price: workshop is free, drinks: bring your own or pay with tikkie Location: De Schuur, Wijde Doelen 8, Utrecht

Storytelling impov games course

5th of June - 3 July already started 15th of May - 19th of June: sold out & started

Relationships- short course

28th of May- 2nd of July: sold out

Improv Stories in scenes - Wed 18th of Sept

Course starts Wednesday 18 September. Let’s dive into stories and scenes that are more meaningful. We will be working on: the story spine, narrative structure, what happens next, stick to your character, making it matter, emotional change. We will play improv story games, and a lot of open scenes. The focus is on the story structure, but you will use other improv skills like characters, relationships, emotions and finding the game. Level: intermediate This course is suitable for people with previous experience. If you are relatively new to improv it would be best to do a course Beginners 1 + 2 first. Wednesday 18 September- 18 December 19:00-21:00, show in the weekend of 13-15 December. Teacher Burgert Kirsten. Lessons at ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. € 300 for 12 lessons plus a show

Beginners improv - Tue 17th of Sept

Course starts Tuesday 17 Sept. You will learn the basic techniques and mindset of improvisation, through fun and easy games. You will expore playfulness, listening with intent, accept making mistakes, discover your imagination and creative thinking, build confidence, improve your communication skills and mostly: have fun! We end the course with an intimate show. Level: no theatre experience needed. Tuesdays 17 Sep – 11 Dec 19:00-21:00h, location ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. Small show in the weekend of 13-15 December. Teacher Burgert Kirsten. 13 lessons for €300.

Storytelling course - Tue 17th of Sept

Starts Tuesday 17 September 2024. Teacher Emma Holmes. Lessons time 18:45-20:30 or 20:35-22:20h, to be decided. Location Buurtcentrum de Jager. The best improv is done when you are aware of all your performance strengths and weaknesses, skills and assets. There is no better way to get to know these than by learning to perform as yourself; a true story, a piece of stand-up or an excellent speech. In this course you will try to discover who you are as performers as you enter the new worlds of stand-up comedy, storytelling and presentation skills. Emma Holmes will walk you through the basics of both these art forms and help you overall with your public speaking.

Relationships & meaningful scenes - Tue 17th of Sept

Course starts Tuesday 17 Sept. Teacher Emma Holmes. Time 18:45-20:30h or 19:00-21:00h. This course focuses on the real main skill in acting in improv scenes: acting = reacting. Learn to create a relationship with the other character(s). Become a character with emotions, whishes, opinions and let your character be touched and changed by others. You will discover that your scenes will have more meaning and depth. This course is especially good if you want to play more open scenes than structured games. Still a lot of fun! Level: intermediate

Yes And


  •  Be ready to change
  •  Yes And: think in possibilities
  •  Improve your Listening & Communication skills
  •  Be a team player: make your partner look good
  •  Feel confident in speaking in front of an audience
  • Use failure to your advantage
  • Have fun while learning!


Every Friday except school holidays 20:00-22:00h at Buurtcentrum De Leeuw. Bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes. Pay what you think it was worth. Suggestion €10-€20 We use the money to rent the room and pay our professional teachers. You are free to pay less if you don’t have much income. Sign up by adding your name to the list and put an “x” in the column of the date. If it’s your first time, I’d like to have your contact details, for in case a lesson has to be canceled (which has happened only once).

How to enter the building: 
You can come in with the others between 19:50-20:00h. The entrance is this side entrace at the Troelstralaan. 

Parking is free near Gisbert Bromlaan and further (10 min walking)

Friday drinks 22:15h – late at O’Leary’s pub (Adelaarstraat 23)


Trouble choosing a course? Other course requests? Do you need help with the payments? Do you want to be on a waiting list? Contact Marieke!

English improvisation course Utrecht


  • Buy a ticket directly at You can pay at once, or in 2 terms. 
  • Or send an e-mail to with your name, e-mail address, telephone number, name of the course  You can ask for an invoice.
  • Let us know if you have issues with finances.
  • The course will start with a minimum of 8 participants. If a course is canceled you will be notified in time and offered an alternative course or date, or you will receive your money back. 


Beginners don’t have to have any experience in theatre. It will help if you have joined one of the Drop in lessons. 

What level is Intermediate? Minimum of 1 course of improv lessons.

What if I am not fluent in English? No problem! For most of us English is not our mothertongue. We keep it simple.