18 September: Stories that matter

Story scenes: Stories that matter

Intermediate improv course: story scenes

Let’s dive into stories and scenes that are more meaningful. We will be working on: the story spine, narrative structure, what happens next, stick to your character, making it matter, emotional change. We will play improv story games, and a lot of open scenes. 

The focus is on the story structure, but you will use other improv skills like characters, relationships, emotions and finding the game. 

Level: intermediate
This course is suitable for people with previous experience. If you are relatively new to improv it would be best to do a course Beginners 1 + 2 first.

Wednesday 18 September- 11 or 18th of December 19:00-21:00, show in the weekend of 13-15 December
Location Utrecht (to be announced)

€  265 for 12 lessons plus a show
Tickets: improv-utrecht.weticket.com or click on the blue button

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